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 Hell folks, Today we have a very good place to discuss and I have a good story to tell about wildlife in India. About Jim Corbett national park, a story struggle between a mankind and man-eater Tiger, this story about the amazing hunting of a man-eating tiger in this national park. Firstly this national park was founded as Hailey national park to protect India's most endangered Royal Bengal tiger Jim Corbett national park is located at Pauri Garhwal district of Uttarakhand nearby to Nainital and was named later as Jim Corbett. Best time to visit Jim Corbett is between October to March. 

Jim Corbett National Park story

 Jim Corbett was one of the Most famous hunter of man-eating leopards and tigers. There was a place in Uttarakhand in national park "champawat" where man eating tiger reportedly killed 436 people. The Tigress was the first eventually Tracked and later shot by Jim Corbett. from 1906 to 1941 a dozen man-eater tigers were hunted by Jim Corbett. Get your Jim Corbett national park packages. 

Why we need to go Jim Corbett

 Jim Corbett is one of the most visited places in Uttarakhand and famous for wildlife adventure. Most of Indian and foreign guests are coming to feel adventurous wildlife safari and activities. It has a lot of verities of flora and fauna. In flora, the zone has so many varieties of important plants for centuries like Shrubs, Ferns, grass of different verities etc. in Fauna there are so many endangered species and other animals like Towny fish owl, Royal Bengal tiger, Green pigeon, Golden riole, Wild elephant, Hodgson's bushchat Indian pitta, Scarlet Minivet and many reptile species. and it is open all year except Mansoon time in North India. You can also book your Corbett safari at a price of Rs. 4500/- for a single jeep, for booking you need to call on +91-7290930065 also available on whatsapp. Corbett tour is not completed without Jim Corbett jeep safari.

How to reach Jim Corbett.

There are many ways to reach, first Air, Nearby airport is Dehradun airport. You can take flight from Delhi or other part in India.

 If you want to reach by Train then nearby railway station is Ramnagar Railway Station, It is few kms from Jim Corbett National park.

 Book a bus from Delhi for Jim Corbett National Park for a perfect Ride today. Jim Corbett national park tiger is one of the best tiger location in India.

Jim Corbett National Park

Places to visit in Corbett

 There are many places to visit in Jim Corbett, but Corbett Jeep safari is the Best adventure. Few things to do and places to visit inn Corbett are below:-

Jeep Safari at Corbett.

  There are Four gates from where you will get your Entry easily for wildlife safari (jeep or canter Safari). One is Dhangadi Gate, or Dhikala Zone, Second is Amdanda Gate or Bijrani Zone, third is Jhirna Gate or Zhirna Zone and fourth is Durga Devi gate or Lohachaur Zone. Price of Jeep safari is Around 4,500 (1 jeep charges) for a group of 6 adults and 1 Kid, and canter charges is 1200 per person if you are 1 or 2 persons. Jeep safari of Jim Corbett will give you a mind blowing experience, fear of tiger and other animals will aware you to see everywhere. Tiger have unique pattern on their skin which is dotted everywhere. It help tiger to be hidden in grass. Next fear is hyena and elephant in Jim Corbett. All of these fear are part of wildlife adventure. There are some amazing path where you will get a beautiful forest field miles away.

Jim Corbett National Park story tiger

Girija Devi Temple or Garjiya Devi Temple

 Girija or Garjiya Devi Temple is one of the Most visited place in Corbett national park. This is the place where forest guards doing their worship before going to hunting of man eating animals still. It is also Sacred Shakti Shrine. As per the history and mythology Garjiya Devi is the presiding deity. 

 There are many more places to visit like Corbett falls, Lohachaur tourism Zone, Jim Corbett Museum, Dhangarhi Gate and Museum, Sitavani Temple etc. The Jim Corbett official website is corbettonline.uk.gov.in

Food in Corbett 

 If you are in Corbett and want to try something delicious then i can suggest you best place which are best in cuisine like Moustache Cafe is famous for its sandwiches, burgers, sandwiches etc. Village Vatika restaurant is famous for Best tasty food in reasonable price in Corbett. The safari cafe famous for best tasty food in Corbett.

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Jim Corbett travel and story, Jim Corbett travel and story, Jim Corbett travel and story, 

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