Spiti Travel Guide, an Unforgettable Experience of Cold Desert mountains

   Spiti, Far winding roads with unforgettable glance of Snow crowned and cold desert Mountains, This is Spiti actual meant. This Valley is Located in Himachal Pradesh at the height of 12500 Feet above from the Sea level. It is one of the Coldest place in India due to Sunshine is available only 250 days a year.

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   During 6 Months, Spiti is unavailable to reach from rest of the country due to thick snowfall on the roads.  Meaning of Spiti is Middle Land, This valley dividing India from Tibet. Spiti valley is famous for most of Adventure lovers. You can see a group of hundreds of bikers traveling to Spiti and it attracts Trekkers also.  Majority of peoples who living in Spiti are farmers who grow Wheat, Peas and crops. Only 1 crop in a year they are producing due to the extreme situation of weather.  Spiti's have a high altitude which causes altitude sickness, Travelers are drinking a lot of water to to avoid dehydration.

How to Reach?

   It is not too far away due to the good conditions of Roads, and the way will never bored you there are so many stunning and alluring views which will charmed you as everybody knows Sometimes "Journey is the part of your trip" this is what going to happen in journey to Spiti.

   First leave to Manali, then take a rest, and next day start your journey from Manali to Spiti which is around 200 kms but driving hours are 7 to 8 hours due to winding roads.

Things to see in Spiti?

Spiti Valley, This is the first thing that you will visit first, The main area of Spiti where you can stay, relax, eat and move. Markets of spiti are also the part of tour. there is a Small hill where a lot of buildings you can see, Some are monasteries and some are for stay etc situated at the bank of Spiti River.

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Key Monastery, It is a Tibetan Budhist Monastery was founded by Dromston in 11th century, and a home of 300 lamas. They are receiving their education related to religion here.

Chandratal Lake, This Lake is Situated in Spiti in Samdura Tapu Tableland which overlooks the River Chandra. Meaning of Chandratal is Lake of Moon have a shape of Crescent. Beautiful View and Clean water this lake attracts thousands of adventure lovers from across the world.

Hampta Pass, Hampta Pass is situated at the Height of 4270M from Sea level on Pir panjal range. It is a corridor between Kullu valley and Lahaul's Chandra valley. It is one of the beautifl Trek in the world due to the beautiful river view and one sided mismirizing hill view.

Pin Valley National Park, This national park is situated in Spiti and renowned to protect endangered Snow leopard. Total population of Pin valley is 12 to 13.

  There are so many more places to visit in Spiti like Baralacha La pass, Kunzum Pass, Dhankar Lake, Suraj Taal, Tabo Monastery, Bhaba Pass, Shingo La, Indrasan, Parang La, Kanamo Peak, Rohtang La, Kardang Monastery, Shilla, Kungri Gompa, Shashur Gompa, Debsa pass, Sakya Tangyud monastery, Bara shigri glacier, Mulkila hill, Menthosa, Papsura point, Mount Yunum, Triloknath Temple Spiti, Chicham Bridge, Chau Chau Kang nilda, Langza Budha Statue, Deepak tal the beautiful tal, Sopona lake etc.

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Activities in Spiti

  Spiti is famous for Adventure lovers, yes there are so many things to do in sports activities and other few are:-

River Rafting in Spiti and pin riverCamping at Chandratal is the best thing to do in Spiti just front of chandratal lake.

Trekking, Trek to Dhankar lake from Spiti will be the best option. This Trek is not too hectic but easy for everyone to do.

Village of Giu, aroudn 8 Kms of height from Spiti there is a town tabo and sumdo, You can see a mummy there.

Yak Safari at Spiti will be the best option. Yuk is a calm animal it is not hard for you to take a safari.

Take a town visit and interact with Local peoples of Spiti

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What to eat in Spiti?

   There are few places where you will get a perfect traditional food of Spiti, Few are Sachin Kunga Restaurant, Dragan Restaurant (recommended), Cafe Kunzum Top, Hotel mehfil, Yak cafe and the Himalyan cafe.

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