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    As we all know Delhi or New Delhi is the Capital of India and one of the most advanced City. There are hundreds of historic, architecture and pilgrimage monuments located in different parts of Delhi. From Red fort to Connaught place, From Qutub Minar to Humayu tomb there are historic and architecture artwork spread everywhere. 

Haunted Places in Delhi

Most Haunted Places in Delhi:-

Delhi Cantonment, one of the most haunted place in Delhi. Most of peoples living far from Cantonment thinks this place is the most quiet and safe place in Delhi due to in Cantonment area, but this is the most haunted place in Delhi due to a lot of incidents happened with peoples residing there. The haunted story was started when  a lady was killed while crossing the way to her place and now people have seen her as a ghost many time. There are many incident event happened with the local peoples and with the peoples were crossing road. There are several Delhi cantt horror story but we did not find any proof but still Delhi Cantt horror.

Agrasen ki baoli, people are visiting this place after it shown in Bollywood movies. But this place is also one of the haunted place in Delhi. Lets see Agrasen ki baoli history- This baoli was built in 14th century by Maharaja Agrasen. Black water of this well or baoli tempted people to commit suicide in it. You can also check Agrasen ki baori Haunted story. Agrasen ki baoli timings are 9 am to 5.30 pm.

Lothian Cemetery, also one of the haunted cemetery and unsuspectingly creepy. It accepted burials from 1808 to 1867 during the time of Britishers in India. But now it is supposed to be a haunted place. In Spite of, it is myth that this place is used to hold many interment ground for years. You can also check Lothian Cemetery Haunted story on search engine. 

Sanjay Van, Is Sanjay Van is  haunted? yes it is. There is a sanjay van haunted story but today we will only discuss about the place and incidents happen. Sanjay van is also supposed to be a haunted place in Delhi. There are so many incident or stories written by peoples on social media and other platform that they feel something strange while they were walking in Sanjay Van. This place is located near to mahrauli and Vasant kunj. It is a dense forest. There are so many stories with so many peoples that there is a women wearing white saree is asking people to lift. Many peoples have posted this story on different platform like social media etc. On different search engine you can also easily get Sanjay Van Haunted story.

sanjay van delhi haunted story, Haunted Places in Delhi

Khooni Nadi, Khooni Nadi is the most dangerous place in Delhi. There are many people who lost their life in khooni nadi Rohini, people have believe that if someone touch the water, the flux of water pull inside the river. People have faith that there are so many incidents when many people have lost their life, but as per the information most of deaths are happened due to suicides not happened with ghost. But still it is the most haunted place due to people have believe. Khooni Nadi Haunted story is available on listings on search engine result pages.

Jamali Kamali Tomb, This Tomb is situated in new Delhi, it is a Mosque built by using materials like Red Sandstones with Marbles. This is also supposed to be a haunted place in Delhi. There are many haunted stories about ghosts and Jinns in Jamali Kamali. Many peoples have reported that they had feel something like sightings of light, apparitions, White shadow etc inside the tomb. There are so many stories by local peoples about ghost activities etc. Jamali Kamali Haunted story is available on listings on search engine result pages.

Khooni Darwaza, It is also one of the 13th surviving Gates in New Delhi. It was built by Sher Shah Suri in 1874 around. It is supposed to be a haunted place in Delhi, There was a story when people have noticed a fresh bloodstain appear just on Khooni DarwazaKhooni Darwaza Haunted story is available on listings on search engine result pages.

haunted khooni darwaza, Haunted Places in Delhi

 There are so many more places in Delhi which are Haunted like Malcha Mahal, Firoz Shah kotla Fort, Bhuli Bhatiyari ka Mahal, The Ridge Delhi, Mutiny House, The Karkardooma Delhi Court, Chor Minar
  There are more then million of paranormal activity story that you can easily find and available on internet, but thing is are these ghosts stories real or fake? After study with many active peoples in the same area we have found that most of the famous ghosts stories are not real, some are made just to either protect something or some people don't want that any other person interfere and disturb in their secret works! 
  There are not only these ancient places haunted, even we have found after a research that architecture made by present civilizations are also very popular in the list of top haunted places across the world. There are so many haunted hospitals, haunted schools, haunted streets etc that nobody want to enter. These places are among the list of most scary places in India, but today we can't disclose anything.  We are totally understand that there are many real haunted houses or real haunted stories which are really exists like Mansion in San Jose, California has one most haunted house in the world. 
real haunted places, Haunted Places in Delhi
 Also there is also one most haunted hotel in the world that we have found which is located in Estes Park (but we are unable to give you the name). Haunted places are not only those having ghosts or some paranormal activities, even those where less number of human visits happen in each year which makes some changes in the environment in the small area of the premises but we are not saying that real ghost sightings are not available anywhere, yes they do exists, maybe. 
 There are several paranormal activity videos available on Video social media platforms or paranormal activity story you can also get on many social media or question answer website like Quora, Facebook, Twitter etc. 
 We need to do some few thing to protect our self from any kind of negative energy. Do the same always few are below.
  • Always think positive.
  • Prepare yourself for any situation.
  • Dont go alone to those places, where nobody is going.
Always keep safety things with you to safe yourself like a small cutter knife, matchbox, torch and confidence. I have heard many times that how people visited real haunted places and they have face something paranormal activity and then they fight and win. Always keep inspiration with you and never loose your hope and never find on search engine about "ghosts near me", it won't help you to live a good and healthy life.

 These are the top haunted place in Delhi. Also we can say these are the topmost haunted places in India. Also check Delhi travel guide. Above mentioned places are the top 7 Haunted places among top 10 horror places in Delhi or the most haunted places in Delhi. We will add more in future like haunted road in Delhi, 

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