Best Places to Visit in Meghalaya, Meghalaya Sightseeing and Adventures

   Best Places to Visit in Meghalaya, Meghalaya is a hill state in India of its Northeastern part. The name Meghalaya means Abode of clouds because every year there is a continuous clouds or rainfall you can see everywhere. The official language of Meghalaya is English, Meghalaya following a matrilineal system it means head of the family is a women. The youngest daughter takes care of her parents and inherits all the wealth. There is 12000 mm or 470 in of rain is recorded in a year.

Best Places to Visit in Meghalaya, Meghalaya Sightseeing, Shillong Sightseeing

   Meghalaya offers a variety of activities, sights, festivals and food to the tourists. there is a place cherrapunji which is one of the maximum rainfall in the world recorded. There are so many beautiful valleys, lakes, caves, waterfalls and cloudy mountains. Capital of Meghalaya is shillong which is city area of Meghalaya. There is also one village which is Asia’s most cleanest village is Mawlynnong.

How to reach Guwahati

   By Air, Shillong airport is the main airport in Guwahati and well-connected from other cities, also Guwahati airport but it is situated in Assam but nearby around 97 kms of distance to shillong.

   By Train, you can reach by train to Guwahati railway station which is closest to Shillong.

Best Places to visit in Meghalaya,

   There are many region for Meghalaya sightseeing but few we have in details, let’s start.

Shillong Sightseeing

   Shillong is a very beautiful hill station which is situated in Meghalaya. It is famous for its beautiful lake, waterfalls in Shillong city. There are many beautiful attraction to visit few are below. It is one of the famous best places to visit in Meghalaya, the waterfall, people, food and stay everything is Awesome. Add this and include in your Itinerary of Meghalaya Sightseeing. Contact us for any help related to shillong Sightseeing.

Umiam Lake Spot

   This is a beautiful lake situated in Shillong having area of 220 square kilometers. It was built by creating a damon Umiam River in around 1960s. It has very beautiful alluring views, and best for boat riding.

Wards Lake Tourist Place

 It is also a very important tourist place for Meghalaya Sightseeing. This lake is one of the most visited lake in Shillong and also famous for boating and nature walk in nearby forest area. It is around 100 years old and built by Colonel hopskins in 1894. The lake is circled by beautiful flower beds, lush gardens and coble stone footpaths, with soe fountains.

Elephants fall Shillong

 Elephant fall is also one of the beautiful waterfall in Shillong it named because of it has a stone at its foot that looks like an Elephant. It has three layer of falls. But in current situation the stone which looks like elephant is washed away because there was an earthquake in 1897. But still it is one of the best waterfall in Shillong.

 There are so many more important points to cover in Shillong like Shillong view point which is in laitkor peak, Do Bosco Museum, Spread Eagle falls, Lady hydari park, Ka Phang Nonglait Park, Cathedral of Mary help of Christians, Air force museum in Shillong, Bishop's fall, Rhino heritage museum, Ever living museum, All saints Cathedral (britishers time), Wankhar entomology museum (butterfly museum), Mahadev Khola Dham in Shillong, Botanical garden, Mattilang Amusement park etc.

Best Places to Visit in Meghalaya, Meghalaya Sightseeing, Shillong Sightseeing


 Cherrapunji is also one of the beautiful town in Meghalaya also known as Sohra by local people. This place is situated in East Khasi hills District. There is a Double decker living root bridge which is the main attraction of this place. Mawylyngnong is the famous tourist spot which is the most cleanest village in the Asia. Main attraction to visit in these place are:

NohkaliKai Falls,

 This is one of the wettest place on Earth having waterfall which is falling down from the height of 340 M. It is the fourth world’s Highest waterfall in the world. Best time to visit to this waterfall is during Mansoon. There is a stair which takes tourists more closure to this waterfall.

Double decker living root bridge,

At inside in the dense tropical forest of Cherrapunji. As per the information there are total 11 functional root bridges in cherrapunji which is continuous to working from several years. It takes around 14 to 15 years to become strong enough, so it can hold the weight of human beings who are crossing it everyday. There are many Root bridges in cherrapunji like Umkar root bridge, Ummunoi root bridge, Ritymmen root bridge, Umshiang Double decker Root bridge etc.

Arwah Cave

   Arwah is a big cave but there is only small place which is open for tourists for visit. Limestone’s and other stone natural formation is the main attraction of this cave. It is one of the must visit place in Cherapunjee.

   Apart from it there are many more places to visit like Seven Sisters falls situated in Cherrapunjee, Dainthlen Falls, Thangkharang park, Kynrem falls, Rainbow Falls, Mawkdok Dympep valley point (recommended), Wei Sawdong, Khoh Ramhah, Garden of caves, Khoh Ramhah or Motrop, Lyngksiar Falls, Wah Kaba Falls, David Scott Memorial Stone, Mawsawa falls, Don Bosco oShrine, Janailar Falls, Wahrew Arch Bridge etc.

Mawlynnong Village Tour

 It is Asia's Most cleanest village. It is also known as God's own garden. This village was awarded as Cleanest Village in Asia in 2003 by Discover India. It has a 100 percent literacy Rate. Reason to visit this place is Tribal locals, Living root bridges, Local Dishes, Places to visit and Cleanliness.
 Best Places to Visit in Meghalaya, Meghalaya Sightseeing, Shillong Sightseeing
Things to do in Meghalaya

 There are so many sports activity in Meghalaya, in Shillong you can do River Canyoning in Sohra. There are many things to do like Trekking, waterfall rappeling and swimming.


 Golfing in Shillong golf Course is one of the best thing to do here. It is one of the famous and important place in Shillong Sightseeing.

Water sports

 You can do  Skiing, River bus, Yatching, High speed boat, Cruising, Pedal boat, scooter ride in this place with a minimum amount. Just connect with your travel expert he will help you for it.


 Trekking in Meghalaya is best because of beautiful nature walk experience and open forest areas.

Rock Climbing

 Rock climbing is one of the best thing to do in Dawki island. it costs you around 950 to 1,100 Rupees (InR).

Apart from it there are many things to do like Camping, Rope jumping, Kayaking, Mountain biking, Night walk etc.

Food in Meghalaya

Famous food dishes in Meghalaya that you need to try

  In Meghalaya, cuisine is very amazing you need to try like dishes - Tungrymbai ( Which is prepared by using Soybeans), Chowmein, Smoked meats, Dohkhileih, Pukhlein etc.

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